5 Goals to Boost your Blog in 2019

Can you believe 2019 is almost here?!?

I am sure that, like me, most of you are slowly starting to wind down your 2018 activities and setting goals for 2019. To help those of you that are bloggers, here are my top tips in the hopes that they will help you get the new blogging year started positively!

Analyze your Blog Design, Layout & Functionality

Make your very first Goal the one that looks at the foundation of your Blog by compiling a checklist.

Here are a few examples of the exercise that I go through every 6 months:

  • Are there any broken links on my Blog?
  • Do I need to refresh my hidden Pinterest Images?
  • Is my Blog mobile friendly?
  • Have I updated my ABOUT ME | CONTACT | WORK WITH ME page?

Write a Blogging Content CALENDAR (and stick to it!)

Trust me, I am the very last person to say that working according to a Blogging Calander is easy, because it’s not.

Life happens (be it a sick child, a Telkom line that is down or lack of motivation) and a Content Calendar can help keep you on track during those stressful times.

Tips to writing and maintaining a Blogging Content Plan:

  • Write your own plan – You can make use of various free template downloads on the Interwebs to help spark your creativity, but please don’t copy and paste someone else’s Content Ideas – it just won’t work.
  • Pre-plan Blog Topics months in advance to help make you feel more comfortable about your writing process – There is nothing worse than feeling rushed to write something, right? Eliminate that feeling now by pre-planning topics months in advance for eg: Most people overspend during December, make your focus topic for the month of January: Financial Wellness. 
  • Stick to it – Many of my Clients get stuck when writing Blog Posts when it’s time to find a Headline. Make use of a site like Portent’s Content Idea Generator to find Blog Headline Ideas. Best of all, it’s quick and free!

Stop fretting about your Social Media Numbers and work on your Engagement

I know, I know.

It’s easier said than done right? I have always maintained that it doesn’t matter how many followers you have on Social Media and am sticking to it so bear with me 😉

What matters most is the type of engagement you house on your SM Platforms.

What I mean by this is:

  • Are you thanking new Twitter Followers with an automated and very generic message? #engagementkiller
  • Do you really know your Social Media Audience? Their likes, dislikes, achievements & obstacles?

Set a Goal for 2019 to work on your engagement techniques and I promise that the followers will come.

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Be a better writer

One of my favourite Smartphone Apps is Word of the Day. Each morning I receive a new word along with it’s meaning to help me improve my vocabulary.

Research has shown that writing longer content is better for your Blog. To write longer content (I believe that) you need to work on your reading and vocabulary skills first.

Make 2019 the year that you read and write more efficiently.

Set your Email subscriber List Number goal now, and then work on it in “chunks”

My personal Blogging Goal for 2019 is to increase my current Email Subscriber List by 5000. Whoa, that’s a big number right?

Not if I break it into chunks as such:

Jan – Mar: 1250

Apr – Jul: 1250

Aug – Oct: 1250

Nov – Dec: 1250

Now, each quarter I can focus on a Goal of only 1250 subscribers which takes the pressure off slightly. With various ways available to help you increase your Email Subscribers, start thinking about Lead magnet ideas. Add them to your Content Calander and give yourself enough time to plan them efficiently.

Are you ready to make 2019 the very best Blogging Year ever? Post your link below so that I can subscribe to your Blog!

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