Dear Facebook Group Admins: This Is Why I Left Your Group

Dear Facebook Group Admins,

Please see below my list of reasons why I no longer engage in your Facebook Group.


A Facebook Group Fan that no longer loves you.

  • You think that you own your Group.

You don’t. Facebook owns it.

  • You are too rigid when Members try to communicate with one another.

Now this is one of those Facebook Group trends that I just don’t understand. Why would you decide to manage a space for people of similar interests to network and get to know each other and then prevent them from openly sharing their information?

For example – Facebook Admin: “Please post on our wall that you are looking for a service provider but Members, please don’t comment on such posts with your contact details”


  • You give (and allow) “advice” too freely.

Let’s be real here. As Business Owners we all need to make profit. We also join Facebook Groups to network with potential Clients.

When you host a group that allows Members to post unlimited questions and then give them free “advice”, I immediately turn away. Why on earth would someone pay for a service when they get constant “advice” for free?

Business Owners understand the concept of “the first consultation is free” and Facebook Groups that allow for constant Q&A sessions are starting to substitute initial face-to-face service provider consultations (imo).

  • You allow naming and shaming.

Stop it.


Naming and shaming can be considered as defamation of character and carry legal repercussions. When you allow this in your Group it shows me that you have ZERO clue on how to run a Facebook Group, let alone the ability to read up on Facebook Terms and Conditions. Not only that, it showcases that you have not taken the time to truly investigate the platform and the legal implications you wish to “build a community on”. How on earth do you expect me to trust you?

Remember, there are always three sides to a story #justsaying

  • You are passive aggressive.

“Hi Members, please note that if you have something to say to the Admin about the manner in which this Group is run, please delete yourself and get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Stop being childish.

  • You delete Members’ posts that link too closely with yours.


Cough, cough, Community over Competition.

  • You favour certain Members.

This is not high school. Enough.

  • You allow profanity and even post some.

Profanity and Social Media do not mix. I don’t care which Online Business Coach tells you otherwise. When I see a Mommy blogger or Business-Owner-aspiring-to-be-a-Coach cursing on Social Media I cringe. It’s disgusting. Stop it.

  • You spend too much time in your Group.

How can I trust that you are an “expert” if you are constantly in your Group? Do you not book clients that require your time and attention? Are you not a Business Owner that needs to go out for meetings? Come on, you are not fooling me….

  • You automate too much.

Now let me clarify, I believe in Social Media Automation- to a degree. We all have busy lives to lead and I get that. What I don’t get is the fact that you feel the need to automate EVERYTHING. #iamnotarobot

  • You are a Meany McMeanster.

You are mean and feel entitled because you “own” a Facebook Group. Sigh.

  • You have not yet deleted that one Member that is a bully. 

You know that one member that ALWAYS attacks everyone? The one that feels it’s ok to start arguments any time of the day? The one that finds it amusing to find flaw in others, constantly?

The one that is hated by all yet still seems to actively post.

Trust me, it’s ok to delete and block someone from your Facebook Group. Your world will not end, I promise.

  • You post about Me, me, me.

Look at what I’m doing. Look where I am. Look at what I’m eating. Look at what I’m wearing.

Look away if you ask me.

  • You don’t share OPC.

This may be a hard pill to swallow but it’s one that every Facebook Group Admin and Social Media Manager needs to learn.

Other People’s Content is a good thing.

I understand that you may want to showcase your levels of expertise in your Group but honestly, share some content from other people once in a while. What that will show the world is that you are not afraid to share useful information with your Audience that you have not created.

In other words, you genuinely care about your Audience enough to give them information without trying to increase your Website Traffic Stats.

Think about it…….

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