#TWITTERFORGOOD – Twitter Tips, Part Two

#TwitterForGood is taking place on 9 November and to help your organisation get ready for it, I will be writing a series of short and easy to understand Twitter Tips.


  • Hashtag your strategy!

Can you answer YES to the following questions:

  1. Do you know what a hashtag is?
  2. Do you know how to include hashtags in your Twitter Strategy?
  3. Did you know that hashtags are Google search(able)?
  4. Do you use hashtags to find resources and industry insights?
  5. Are you using 2 – 3 hashtags in your Tweets?
  6. Are you searching hashtags on Twitter as a part of your engagement strategy?

If not, take 10 minutes today and learn more about hashtags and how they can boost your Twitter presence and overall experience.

  • Get that schedule ready!

Twitter is fast-paced and very noisy which is why I suggest using a social media scheduler like Buffer to help plan out and schedule a few days worth of tweets at a time. On my personal account, you will note that I tweet anywhere from 5 Р16 times a day, the majority of those tweets have been scheduled a few days in advance.

However, before you begin your journey on Buffer you need to plan and prepare. Use a diary, post-it notes or a good old-fashioned wall calendar and mark out a scheduling plan before setting your Buffer account up.

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