Introducing Mr & Mrs Barnard


I have signed up to Elizabeth Dhokia’s November Blog Challenge (read more about that here) #BEDN, and am so excited to get back into blogging again!

Today’s prompt: Something New and Personal 

Most of you know that Graeme and I recently got married and many of you have asked me to blog our wedding story which suits this prompt perfectly as it’s something new and personal!

Graeme and I got engaged many, many moons ago by way of a cellphone case cover (long story, will write another blog post about that) and decided to follow the “non-traditional” route for our wedding day. Our reason for not wanting the big “traditional” wedding was mainly due to the fact that we both agreed that spending huge amounts of money on a wedding was not who we were as a couple.

On 10 October 2018 Graeme and I dropped the kids off at school and drove to Caledon (a small town about 70km from Somerset West). As we had chosen to get married at Home Affairs, our only option for a marriage office close-by was Caledon hence the 70km drive.

Not much planning had to be done for our wedding day and to be fair, Graeme did most of it: he drove to Caledon in August and booked our appointment; he arranged appointments with our lawyer and broker; he took me to the local pharmacy to have colour ID-sized photos taken and he spoke to our friends Heidi and Francois to be our witnesses. That was all that was required to get married at Home Affiars, simple right?

Leading up to the 10th of October we were excited and happy however driving to Caledon on the day I must admit we were both nervous.

Our witnesses met us at Caledon Home Affairs bearing gifts and we sat and waited for the marriage official to call us. I’ll confess, at this point, I was super nervous as I had no idea what the process was that was about to unfold and I’m a bit of a control freak in that sense. Having said that, we were made to sit in the yellow “Death / Birth / Marriage” branded chairs of Home Affairs so that didn’t help either 😉

Our marriage officer was lovely and laughed at our bad jokes and I’m convinced she could sense that we needed some calming down, especially when Heidi and Francois blocked the door so we couldn’t make a run for it 🙂

After a simple reading of vows and paperwork signing, Graeme and I said I DO and were officially married! In total, the entire process took just under an hour and was free of charge.

The four of us then drove to Hoiningklip Brewery (only after Heidi and Francois wrote “Just Married” on the back of our car with bright red lip gloss) and had a light lunch with a complimentary bottle of Beer-Champagne – I know it sounds strange but was actually really good – will ask Graeme to blog more about that. After an afternoon of delicious lunch and awesome conversation, Graeme and I then fetched the girls and took them for a “fancy” dinner to celebrate the fact that we were now, officially, the Barnard family.

All in all, a good day if you ask me!

As for our “honeymoon” we spent one night at Grand West Casino where beginners luck allowed me to win some cash and then headed to Blouberg for a night. We watched live music, ate steak, drank beer and thoroughly enjoyed our first weekend as MR & MRS!

Our wedding plans have not ended though! We are busy planning an epic holiday for October 2019 whereby we will take our members of family and a few friends away to a never-been-to-before city in South Africa for our one year anniversary so that they may celebrate our marriage with us.

Thank you to all for the well wishes and social media love ❤

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