8 Cyber Security Tips for Nonprofit Organisations

8 Cyber Security Tips for Nonprofits
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8 Cyber Security Tips for Nonprofit Organisations

Protecting your Nonprofit Organisation’s data and devices is extremely important and I have found that many NPOs don’t know where to start when trying to become cyber secure.

To help, I have created a quick go-to list of the top 8 Cyber Security tips for Nonprofits:

  1. Always use strong passwords – I recently wrote a post for #Tech2EndGBV about creating and maintaining strong passwords, read more here.
  2. Update your Privacy settings – every social media platform has dedicated privacy settings centres, check your settings regularly.
  3. Ensure that your software is updated – it is very important to update your software and apps to the latest version, this adds an extra layer of security. If you need to purchase software for your NPO please visit TechSoup as they have an extensive range of discounted and donated options!
  4. Download with extreme caution! – before you download an app or file from the internet, make sure you know exactly where the information is coming from!
  5. Read all App T&C’s – when you download an app onto your smartphone make sure you read all T&C’s and permission settings before just accepting them! If you don’t, you may be giving apps access to your camera settings, microphone and more!
  6. Don’t trust all emails you receive – beware of phishing emails, they carry the work of a hacker!
  7. Always back up your data – with cloud-based options like O365 from Microsoft, there is no excuse but to backup regularly!
  8. Create and maintain a Cyber Security Policy – dedicate some time to create a Cyber Security policy and make sure that you train all members of your NPO on the policy, regularly. For guidance on how to create a policy read some tips from the National Council of Nonprofits here.

If you would like me to assist your NPO with a cyber security audit, please contact me here.

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