South African NGOs, I Have A Gift For You!

South African NGOs, I have a gift for you!
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South African NGOs, I Have A Gift For You!

My birthday is on 29 March and to celebrate I will be giving Nonprofit Organisations in South Africa access to my popular Social Media Bootcamp, for free.

How will the #PhambanoTech Social Media Bootcamp work?

Starting 30 March 2020, the virtual #PhambanoTech Social Media Bootcamp will begin. Daily, for 5 days (Monday, 30 March – Friday, 03 April) I will email you with social media marketing training resources and homework. Also, I will host interactive Q&A discussions for bootcampers in our Facebook Community each day. These interactive discussions will afford you the opportunity to:

  • Network with like-minded bootcampers – you never know who you may meet and how they could assist your cause!
  • Access to additional resources

Which training topics will I cover?

  • Social Media Basics for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Online Fundraising – how important are your social media platforms for your online fundraising efforts? What are the basics of online fundraising?
  • Social Media Etiquette – what can you say and what should you say to attract new donors, stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • Global Outreach – how to start and manage an online campaign using a website and social media marketing
  • Email Marketing – what, when, why, how?

How can you sign up?

The free sign up process is two-fold. As this bootcamp will take place virtually, and some of the Q&A engagement sessions will be interactive and video-based, you need to do the following:

UPDATE on 30 March 2020: Email subscription is closed. You can still access some of the resources by joining our Facebook Group – link below:

Do I need to participate in each day’s homework assignment?


I have structured the training material in such a way that you don’t need to complete the homework everyday HOWEVER you will need to participate in my first and last day group discussions (more on that on Day One of the Bootcamp.)

Ready to #workremotely with me and gain some new skills? See you at the bootcamp, virtually that is!

📱I serve NPOs across Southern Africa with tech & software capacity building 🦋 I post social media tips and NPO management resources ♥️ #PhambanoTech

23 thoughts on “South African NGOs, I Have A Gift For You!

  1. Thank You Samantha, this is very kind of you. Although my organisation has been in operation for almost 20 years, the whole Social Media and online thing really hasn’t been a priority for me at all. I simply just do not have the time for FB / Twitter / Instagram. Not my thing (& I know it is wrong). I prefer having a personal relationship with all our Donors and cultivating these relationships is high on my priority list so is regular communication with them, just not on social media. Anyway, times are a changing and as securing and maintaining corporate and private sponsorships might become a bit more challenging now, we are going to have to adapt and use any means possible to market our NGO’s and ensure our sustainability to enable us to continue rendering the life changing services we do. Looking forward to this new learning opportunity. Thank You 🙂

    1. I totally understand what you are saying Tahiyya. Many NPOs have felt overwhelmed with the thought of using online tools to ask for funding or to keep their beneficiaries and stakeholders updated on their programmes. I promise I will take you through each step at your own pace and will answer any question you may have. Looking forward to “seeing”you during the bootcamp next week 🙂

  2. Hi Samantha,
    I normally run and hide from social media, but am willing to learn…such as in old dog and new tricks.
    My team are all very familiar with social media and we do use it to communicate, but this is definitely an area where I can improve. and would enjoy taking up the opportunity.
    Kind regards
    Thomas Swana, CEO Philippi Economic Development Initiative (PEDI).

  3. Thank you so much Samantha for this very important oppoturnity. I hope I (old croc) will be able to grasp the new way of doing things. Thank you

    1. Hi Kim, just added you to the Bootcamp, will send you today’s resource by email manually as it went out earlier on. From tomorrow you will receive the daily emails with the other Bootcampers 🙂

  4. Good afternoon Samantha

    Thank you for inviting us for NGO digital training for marketing and social media. We could not book on time because our focus was on ensuring that we have set up well for working at home. Is there anyway I can join now and catch up or study off class.

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