10 (Ten) Creative Blog Prompts For Nonprofit Organisations

Ten (10) Creative Blog Prompts For Nonprofit Organisations
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10 (Ten) Creative Blog Prompts For Nonprofit Organisations

Blogging is crucial to your website’s success and is often a very difficult task to complete for Nonprofit Organisations. Usually, time and content ideas are the most frustrating part of maintaining a Blog as a Fundraiser.

Time saving tips:

  • Set aside time once a week to batch write three to four blog posts and keep them filed for future use.
  • Delegate some of the Blog Writing to your Nonprofit Team Members.
  • Keep a Blog journal: As soon as a Blog idea comes to mind, write it down with a few bullet points of reference.
  • Donors, Suppliers and Beneficiaries can be called in to help too by asking them to be Guest Bloggers.
  • When you publish a Blog Post, revisit an older post and check if the information is still relevant, often Bloggers forget this task and share information that is irrelevant.

Ten (10) Creative Blog Prompts For Nonprofit Organisations

  • Who Are We?

This post can be recycled time and again on your Social Media Networks (evergreen content) to help educate new website visitors as to exactly who you are and what you do.

  • 30 Second Elevator Pitch

Be Creative! Deliver your 30, 60 or 90 Second Elevator Pitch in a Post and easily recycle it in the future. Go one step further and turn your written pitch in to a video! Don’t forget to add a few elements of your wish list in!

  • Meet Our Team

Include Images of your Team and a basic Q&A – Donors love knowing who they are talking to over the phone.

  • Did You Know?

Interesting facts about your Cause that people may not have known.

  • Meet Our Community

Highlight any other Charity Organisations you support.

  • A Day In The Life Of Our Board Member / Social Worker / Fundraiser

Give your website visitors an inside look, take them on a weekly journey of what it is like to be you as you work in your Nonprofit.

  • Where Do We Network?

Detail the local Networking Groups you belong to. New website visitors may even opt to network with you at the next meeting!

  • Surprising Staff Talents

Showcase your Nonprofit personality with this one!

  • Have You Met Our Pets Yet?

Everyone loves animals, why not dedicate a blog post to showcasing yours?

  • From The Desk Of: __________________

A weekly tip series relating to your Cause and Community.

Do you have a weekly Blog series on your Cause website? Comment below with your link so that I may follow it!

Happy Blogging!

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