6 Ways To Increase Your Nonprofit Blog Subscribers

6 Ways To Increase Your Nonprofit Blog Subscribers
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6 Ways To Increase Your Nonprofit Blog Subscribers

BLOG SUBSCRIBER noun > a person, company, etc., that subscribes, as to a publication or concert series – Source: Dictionary.com

Know Your Audience

This really is the starting point to all forms of marketing, be it online or face-to-face. You need to know who it is that you are talking to and you need to know them really well. Really, really well. When you know that, you will speak their language and they will naturally want to follow you AND tell their friends about you.

Tip: Create a survey using Microsoft or Google Forms to send out to your Audience via Social Media or Email to find out exactly what they would like to see you Blog about. The results may surprise you!

Have Your Blog Set Up For Subscriber And Sharing Success

This includes the use of high quality graphics; linking and verifying your Blog with Pinterest; having clear fonts; using strong headlines that capture attention immediately and an email subscriber form directly beneath your post. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your Readers to subscribe, use a call to action prompt in your posts more often!

Tip: Review your website once a month and test your Blog Subscriber button. Do the links work correctly? Is your message and call to action prominent?

Offer An Exclusive Freebie

Set up your Social Media Platforms to attract new Readers to your Blog and then offer an exclusive freebie (otherwise known as a Lead Magnet) so that they have to subscribe in order to receive it.

Tip: Create two or three versions of a lead magnet that you can host on various pages on your website to attract more subscribers.

Be Consistent

Haphazard Blogging will get you nowhere fast and much like Social Media Marketing, you need to be active and consistent in your posting. Storytelling requires a consistent and clear process; most Blog Subscribers are interested in the story that you have to tell and not what you sell.

Tip: Read this post about Creative Blog Posts Ideas to gain some inspiration on how to create content consistently for your Website.

Provide Value, Always

By being relatable and adding consistent value to your current Blog Subscribers, they will be more likely to tell others about your Posts. An example of providing value outside of your Posts may be as simple as sending your existing Subscribers an email to say “Hi there! How are you?” Take the time to get to know them as opposed to only marketing to them.

Tip: The age old marketing technique of asking your Customers, Readers or Donors for their Birthday (and then sending them personalized wishes) has proven time and again to be a positive way of reaching out to maintain a relationship.

Join Facebook Blogging Groups

Engage, engage, engage! Make use of Facebook Groups to post links to your latest Blog Posts for more people to see! Naturally once they are on your Blog they will find your relatable, exclusive freebie so irresistible that they will sign up and subscribe. Make use of the search function on Facebook to find Groups that are relevant to your Cause for example: If you are a representative of an Autism NPO, find an Autism Support Group and engage with users that have questions in the form of a Blog Post.

Tip: Don’t be a spammer by posting your links without actually taking the time to engage with other Group Members.

Happy Blogging!

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